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Amazon Web Services offers cloud website hosting solutions that provides businesses and organizations to deliver their websites and web applications in a flexible, highly scalable, and inexpensive way with goodwill.

Application Hosting With Tomrain

Traditionally, businesses build and maintain infrastructure to run on-premises applications on a conceptual model. With Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, businesses consume applications to host online, enabling seamless and painless upgrades in functionality, and integrate easily with their existing data and systems. Tomrain in specific, lower the costs where you go pay only for what you use.

Tomrain’s application providers build SaaS-based applications in a quick-learn way, that allows to owning and operating the infrastructure on which the solutions are hosted be inexpensive and zero complex, helping the customer to be very clear in his/her demand in regards to his/her business requirements.

Now answer, are you an enterprise looking for a cloud environment to deploy your existing on-premises solutions, or an application vendor evaluating a cloud platform to deploy a new application or SaaS offering? Well, whatever the option is, it is mandatory to answer the following questions:

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Our Unique Capability

The AWS cloud computing platform provides the flexibility to build your application, your way, regardless of your use case or industry. In addition, Tomrain shows you the array of functionalities that boost your requirement and delivers you a customized AWS to manage your infrastructure with zero compromising on security and dependability.

What Our Clients Say

" Discovering Tomrain was a great relief. The team simplified many complex things in my hospitality website and restructured the whole arrangement. Now my website is sparkling new and has loads of business friendly features that helps me manage the content. Great Work!

Texas, USA

" I will wholeheartedly recommend Tomrain to anyone. They listened to my requirements and took the real efforts to solve many practical issues I had, which was really supportive. The developers were available almost round the clock to help me with my doubts. Real value for the money I spent!

New Jersey, USA

" Technical skills and creativity of your experts requires a special mention. I would like to say that the employees at Tomrain have been extremely helpful in reconstructing my website. It is sharp, trendy and professional… well done and thanks!

London, UK